Friday, November 29, 2019

Episode 42 - The Amiga Art Contest 2019 Livestream

The results are in! Join Vicky (Pixel Vixen) and I as we show off the incredible Amiga generated art that has been sent to us over the past few months. We have received some work from some surprising Amiga luminaries! Come join the fun! Thanks so much to everyone who joined in to the LiveStream, it was a blast! I suppose I need to more of them now... Congratulations to EVERYONE who submitted this year, they were all magnificent! You can find me here: Twitter @10marc1 or my website Pictures and such will eventually be available at (Nothing there yet, though...) Pixel Vixen is here: Twitter @lapixelvixen or on YouTube The Guru Meditation and Amiga Bill can me found here: Twitter @thegurumeditate or on YouTube AmigaL0ve can be found here: Twitter @Amigal0ve or on his fantastic website Follow Invent71 on Twitter @invent71

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