Sunday, December 20, 2020

Setting up an FTP Server for your Amiga, featuring RNOXfer - Episode 82

 This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am setting up an FTP server on my PC, and configuring the Amiga to access it with a few different programs, AmiFTP and RNOXfer. Join me as I show you how to do it!

Download Filezilla for your PC or other machine: Download AmiFTP: Download RNOXfer: and check out the website! Maybe order a Gurunet? Or a nice X100 for your Big Box Amiga? Need a TCP/IP stack? Try Roadshow! or Easynet from Amigakit! Follow me on Twitter and check out my Patreon!

Commodore 128 Productivity Software Review - Multiplan, Paperback Writer128 and Fleet Systems 3

 This week on 10MARC I am covering some awesome productivity software for our Commodore 128 computers For too long we have people say that the C128 was only good for going into C64 mode. Nope. There was a ton of productivity software available for our beloved machine. Join me as I explore some of the coolest C128 software available in 80 column mode.

I am exploring Microsoft Multiplan, Fleet Systems 3, Paperback Writer 128 and more! Need a WiFi modem or other cool thing for your C128? How about the 64NIC+? Those are fun! You need an SD2IEC in your life, don't you? Check out Particles BBS here: and the Skynet BBS Join me on Patreon! Follow me on Twitter

Commodore 128 Motherload Unboxing and Testing - ChickenHead Chronicles

This week on "Chickenhead Chronicles" I am unboxing the awesome Commodore 128 goodies I picked up at EE Surplus a few weeks back. I got ahold of a really nice C128, a pair of lovely 1571 drives, a Teknika monitor with RGBI and Chroma/Luma/Composite and a nice 9 pin Star Micronics printers along with a huge box full of software! Today we will be exploring and troubleshooting the hardware and discovering a problem or two along the way and you get to hear me singing the theme to Ghostbusters! Thanks to Richard Black for reminding me, I forgot to link to the World of Commodore meeting next week! Check it out. The schedule should be out soon. Download some cool C128 specific software here. Order some cool C128 display cables here: Check out covers for your 8 and 16 bit Commodores here: Looking for the really cool 40/80 column SCART adapter? Reach out to Sven Pook on Facebook The cost is 15 to 20 Euros plus shipping! or Email website for the C128 adapter is now live! Want the full, unedited version of Doug singing Ghostbusters? [Link Deleted by YouTube do to violations of good taste] Take a look at my websites here: Follow me on Twitter!

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Review of WIZ : Quest for the Magic Lantern for the Commodore Amiga - Episode 81

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am reviewing the new game "Wiz: Quest for the Magic Lantern" for our AGA Commodore Amiga computers with my son, Daniel. This great new game from Mutation Software is available now.

This Software works on the Amiga 1200, Amiga 4000, CD 32 and WinUAE Order the software here! Visit our AGA hating friend John "Boatofcar" Shawler on the Amigos! be sure to visit my website: And join me on Patron here: Cool 10MARC T-Shirts, mugs and stickers can be bought here:

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Amiga 1000 Adventures - The Apollo Vampire 500 V2 in an Amiga 1000

 This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast, I am having more fun with my Amiga 1000 by installing an Apollo Vampire 500 V2 inside! The Vampire 500 V2 will work in any Amiga with a standard 68000 Chip, but the A1000 needs a special adapter from our friend Edu Arnana to fit it in. So how does it perform with the Vampire? Well, watch it and find out!

Want to get on the Vampire waiting list? How about the CPU relocator for the Amiga 1000? Check out all of Aarons Sketchy Tech here: Interested in the RNOXfer program? Check it out here! Check out the cool new video series about the Amiga from Anthony Jarvis Take a look at my websites:

Brand new Commodore 64 game - Showdown reviewed by myself and my son Daniel

 Today I am joined by my son Daniel for a special review of the new Commodore 64 game "Showdown" by Ricki Sickenger, Graphics by Henning Ludvigsen and music and sound effects by Sami Louko.

This game is a fun Homage to games like Gunslinger and Outlaw, and is well worth a few bucks to play with your friends! Download the game here! Please visit my website: Interested in becoming a Patron?

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Amiga Ultimate Floppy Emulator from Edu Arana - 10MARC Episode 79

 This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am reviewing Edu Arana's new Ultimate Amiga Floppy Emulator. This neat device has a lot in common with the ubiquitous GoTek drive, and uses the same software, but has some rather unique differences to. Join me as I explore this floppy replacement that works in every Commodore Amiga ever made!

Want to buy one? Check out Edu Arana's website How about downloading the FlashFloppy software? Like River Raid Reloaded? Get it here! How about joining my Patreon? Need to get in touch with me?

Saturday, October 31, 2020

VIC-20 5K Review: PumpKid from Hewco Software & TFW8B

Welcome to the premiere of my new series, VIC-20 5K Review. Where (honestly) the reviews will be no longer than 5 minutes. (You in the back stop laughing)

This weeks review is for the 2019 release of "PumpKid" from Hewco Software and The Future was 8 Bit. It is a fun little romp that works on a 16K @VIC-20  Visit The Future Was 8 Bit to order the 4.99 cassette! Download it (and please donate) from Hewco Visit my website! and follow me on Twitter @10marc1

Amiga Art Contest 2020 - The Short Version - 10MARC Episode 78

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast, I wanted to create a nice short version of the Amiga Art Contest 2020 participants. This will also have a lot of artwork we were not able to show in the Livestream for the sake of time. Enjoy!

Check out all the artwork here:
Retro Ready is Ready for your Retro Order! Edu Arana will eventually have more UnAmigas... Want to watch Kevin Saunders create Half Bright Fish? Visit my website here: Come watch Pixel Vixen Pixelate all the Pixels: Follow me on Twitter: @10marc Follow Pixel Vixen too... @lapixelvixen

Thursday, October 22, 2020

AmiWest Update! 10MARC will be hosting a live video chat for AmiWest on 10/25/2020

 AmiWest Update! This Sunday the 25th I will be hosting a live virtual discussion on Gotomeeting to discuss all things Amiga and anything else that comes to mind. Expect some special Amiga guests to show up for this live video chat!

Take a look at the AmiWest Website for more info and the link to the meeting and meeting times.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Amiga Art Contest 2020 Livestream Replay

 The Amiga Art Contest 2020 was a huge success! Come join Pixel VIxen and 10MARC as we share the incredible artwork shared by dozens of people!

You can also see all the artwork at

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Telengard for the CBM PET, Commodore 64 and... VIC-20? ChickenHead Chronicles

This week I am reviewing the really fun Rogue-like Telengard game from Avalon Hill for the Commodore PET, Commodore 64 and now even the VIC-20 computer! What? Yep, some awesome dude named Neo-Rio modified it to run on "The Wonder Machine of the Eighties"! Want to download the VIC-20 game? Check here! Why not join the Denial Forums while you are at it? How about the Telengard manual? Telengard for the PET is hard to find, so here ya go! (Backup copies for original owners only!) Need to upgrade that dusty old VIC-20? Check out The Future Was 8 Bit Help support me on Patreon! and follow me on Twitter! @10marc1

Zeta Wing for the Commodore 64 Review - ChickenHead Chronicles

 This week on ChickenHead Chronicles I am reviewing the incredible new C64 game, Zeta Wing from Sarah Jane Avory. Join me and my son Daniel as we go over the features of this really nice game.

Get the game here! Learn a bit about the other games she has made Follow Sarah on Twitter @SarahJaneAvory Check out my website Or join me on Patreon!

SD2PET Review and Tutorial - ChickenHead Chronicles

This week I am reviewing the awesome SD2PET device for Commodore PET computers - It's like a little hard drive for your PET!

Want to buy one? Need cool software for your new SD2PET? Check me out on the web: And don't forget about Amiga Art Contest 2020! Follow me on twitter @10marc1

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Episode 77 - Commodore Amiga A2088 Bridgeboard Review

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am reviewing the Commodore Amiga A2088 Bridgeboard, and possibly briefly mentioning the superiority of the Amiga over the PC ... Interested in my Patreon? Want one of those cool T-Shirts from Pixel Vixen? Amazon UK Tees: Amazon US Tees: Amazon DE Tees: RedBubble: I have some cool T-Shirts, Mugs and other goodies too... You can download the Amiga and PC JANUS software here Follow me on Twitter:

Episode 76 - 3D Printed Amiga Goodies!

 This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast we will be taking a look at some cool 3D printed goodies for your Amiga. Big thanks to my friend David Ziegler for the cool 3D parts!

Download some cool 3D files here: Want those cool C64 games? Join me on Patreon: Check out the Amiga Art Contest Visit my website: Follow me on Twitter

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Episode 75 - All in One Amiga featuring the UnAmiga Board

 Happy Two Year anniversary to me! This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am showing off my new creation - an All in One Amiga using the UnAmiga FPGA Amiga board from Edu Arana. Using an existing 4:3 monitor, some screws and some nice speakers, I put together an A1200 equivalent system that is quite portable. Take a look!

Want to see if you can get an UnAmiga? How about those Creative Labs Speakers? You need to listen to Pixel Gaiden Podcast. O'Briens Retro and Vintage? Yes Please! How about some awesome Cityxen videos? And don't forget the Amigos! Aaron has been streaming a lot of the UnAmiga, too. Send in your artwork for the 2020 Amiga Art Contest! Visit me on the web: and on Twitter @10marc1

Thursday, August 13, 2020

10MARC Episode 74 - The Amiga Vampire A500 V2 Review

This week on 10MARC, I am reviewing the awesome Apollo Vampire V2 accelerator for the Amiga 500. This little guy is going inside my Checkmate 1500 Case, and is attached to my Rev 6 A500 with 2 MB of CHIP RAM thanks to my MegaChip board. Join me as I review this great little unit and we learn more about what it can do, and how it does it.

Want to buy a Vampire? Learn all about them here:
Whats this Amiga Art Contest? Glad you asked... What awesome music! How can I find out more about Joe Jencks? Visit me at Join me on Patreon

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

10MARC Episode 73 - Commodores best Amiga is the A3000. Change my mind.

This week on 10MARC I am presenting another Amiga Adventures video - This one on the beautiful Amiga 3000 computer. In my humble opionion, this is the finest machine ever produced by Commodore. It was designed to fix all the shortcomings of the Amiga 2000 computer and combine it with the beauty and style of the original Amiga 1000 machine. And I would say it succeeded! Join me as we go over the features of the Amiga 3000 and learn more about its history. Need a SCSI2SD for your Amiga? You should sub to my friends at Pintz and Amiga And even though he hates AGA, Boat is a great guy. Check out the Amigos here: Chris Edwards has an awesome Amiga channel Help a brother out on Patreon? Don't forget the Amiga Art Contest is taking submissions! Visit little old me on the web and follow me on Twitter!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

An Introduction to the Atari ST... Wait... What?

What's going on here? An Atari ST on my channel? Blasphemy! I just got a new Atari 1040ST last month, as I just wanted to see what the fuss was about 35 years ago... This week I am going over the hardware of the ST, and talking about how we can get it to display on modern monitors. I promise to be polite and not pick on the Atari ST too much in this limited run series of "10 Minute Atari Retro Cast" Interested in picking up an Atari 1040ST for yourself? Interested helping me out on Patreon? Please check out Amiga Art Contest 2020 Follow Pete on Twitter @recta_pete Follow me on Twitter @10marc1

Sunday, July 12, 2020

ChickenHead Chronicles - Review and Unboxing of Shadow over Hawksmill for the C64

This week on Chickenhead Chronicles, I am unboxing the awesome new game "The Shadow over Hawksmill" for the Commodore 64 computer. Come on by and take a look! Find the software here...Somewhere...

Or on right here Need a video breakout box? Come join me on Patreon: and visit my website

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Episode 71 - UnAmiga FPGA board for the A500/Checkmate case

This week I am reviewing the cool new UnAmiga implementation from Edu Arana - This little guy fits right into an A500 or Checkmate 1500 case and provides you with a nice little AGA Compatible machine. Join me as I explore its features, point out a few weakness's, and do quite poorly on a few games. Check out Edu Arana's cool stuff! Want to look into a Checkmate case? Go here! Check out the Amigos Podcast! MadPete does some awesome Amiga streaming! Visit my website: And my Patreon! Everyone wants some 10MARC Merch! Admit it!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Episode 70 - Flash Storage Solutions for the Amiga 1200 and Amiga 600

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I m reviewing three different Flash memory options for our beloved Amiga 600 and Amiga 1200 Computers. The traditional CF card interface, a Disk On Module or DOM, and a really cool 2.5" SSD IDE Hard Drive! Who is the fastest? Tune in to find out! Pick up a DOM from Amazon, or even better: The SSD IDE Drives are currently available on Amazon Pick up an awesome CF to IDE connector from

Want some cool 10MARC Merch? Visit my website!

I will post the results of the tests there. Follow me on Twitter @10marc1 And help support me on Patreon

Friday, June 12, 2020

Episode 69 - Amiga 1200 Hard PCB Keyboard Membrane Review

This week I am reviewing the new Hard PCB Keyboard Membrane replacement for the Amiga 1200 and Amiga 500. This is a really nice product, and if you have keyboard issues this just may solve them! Buy it from one of these great vendors! or Take a look at my sons new T-Shirt Merch store for 10MARC shirts, Hoodies, Stickers and Mugs! Help a brother out on Patreon: Check out my website! Follow me on Twitter


Thursday, June 11, 2020

Episode 68 - AGA Blaster Video Player Review and Tutorial

This week I am reviewing and providing a tutorial on setup of the awesome AGABlaster software for the Amiga. This software can create a 256 color AGA CDXL file that plays back wonderfully on your AGA Amiga. I walk you thru a bit of background on the technology, how to set it up in Windows 10 using the Ubuntu Linux Terminal, and how to create and play back the incredible videos! Markus Schordan created this fantastic software. You can find him on Twitter @agablaster Download all the creation software and learn how to use it here: If you just want to play back some existing files, go here: If you want to learn how to create the HAM6 and HAM8 videos I have created, check this out. Learn a bit more about setting up the Ubuntu Terminal in Windows 10 here: Follow me on Twitter @10marc1 Become an awesome Patron!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Episode 67 - Video Toaster Adventures Part 1

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am starting on my NewTek Video Toaster Tutorial series. We learn a bit about the Video Toasters history and how to set it up, and play with some fun effects and dabble in Toasterpaint and the Character Generator. I am recording this to OBS this week so I can simultaneously display the Preview and Main Video Toaster screens, as well as a view of the Video Toaster main screen. My Capture card is causing a second or two delay on the main screen. I will try to find a way around that for the next video. Download the Toaster Software: Check out my pals at "The Amigos" Join my Patreon! Don't forget to visit my website!

and follow me on Twitter @10marc1

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Episode 66 - Amiga Upscalers with special guest - Mr. Kola

This week on 10MARC, I am covering four different solutions for displaying or upscaling your Amiga display on a modern monitor. I will cover the RGB to SCART to HDMI solutions, the RetroTink and even some composite solutions. I also have a special guest, Mr. Kola, reviewing the OSSC upscaler for me! Lets get those Amiga's displaying like the should! Follow Mr. Kola on Twitch and on Twitter @mrkola Thanks to Roushi for the awesome captures from his OSSC! Pick up an RGB to SCART cable here: How about the SCART to HDMI converter? Want an OCCS? How about a RetroTink? You really need an RGB to Component adapter from Francis Want to check out some awesome 8 bit videos from Hey Birt! How about adding a GBS-8220 to your collection? Follow me on Twitter @10marc1 and join me on Patreon!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Episode 65: Amiga 500 Adventures - Pimpin' my A570 CD-ROM

This week on 10 MARC I am exploring my Amiga 500 and upgrading my A570 CD-ROM Drive with 2 MB RAM and a SCSI controller, and topping it off with an SCSI2SD drive! We also have an important special message from our friend Pete Morgan Wanna buy a SCSI2SD? Follow Pete Morgan @madpete76 Download that HD Installer software here: Check out how to set up a SCSI2SD in my video! Come join me on Patreon! And follow me on Twitter @10marc1 and don't forget my website!

Monday, May 11, 2020

10MARC Episode 64 - 15 Khz LCD Monitors for the Amiga

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am reviewing 5 different LCD monitors that work with our 15Khz RGB port on the Amiga. My test machine is an AGA Amiga 1200, and I will be covering various Amiga resolutions, and quite importantly, how they work with games. Check out the list of 15Khz monitors here: Want to catch up on the Amigos? Check out Edu Arana's site for the RGB to VGA Adapter Follow me on Twitter @10marc1

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

10MARC Episode 63 - USB on the Commodore Amiga

This week on 10MARC I am covering some of the many USB peripherals we can use on our Amiga computers. If you have a USB enabled Amiga, you can do more than just use a USB mouse, keyboard and flash drive. Join me as I experiment with a few interesting things we can do (or try to do) with USB on the Commodore Amiga. Order a RapidRoad USB and/or X-Surf 100 right here: You need to order a ZZ9000... Want to download Poseidon? You can do that here: Interested in the Thylacine USB? Check this out! It is currently unavailable, but the schematics are there Want to order Roadshow TCP/IP stack? Sure you do! Gotta Sync your Palm? Get the software here: Want to try the cAMIra software with your webcam? Hope you have better luck than me...
Check out my website: Care to become a Patron and support my hard work? Follow me on Twitter! @10marc1

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Episode 62 - ImageFX for the Amiga Review and Tutorial

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am reviewing the "New" release of ImageFX 4.5 - It is not really new, but it is finally available again! Come join me as I cover installation and go through some of the issues I found with the software. Bust rest assured this is worth every penny! Warm up your Amiga Computer and let's get to work editing photos on your Amiga. This software works great on any Amiga, but really flies on an A1200 or A4000 AGA Machine. It also handles RTG (Retargetable Graphics) quite well. It handles digitizers like the Newtek Digiview, Macrosystems V-Lab and even the Newtek Video Toaster quite well. Where do you buy this? I Wanna order a poster from Pixel Vixen! Or watch her videos here... My review video of the V-Lab capture card:

Follow me on Twitter:

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Episode 61 - Commodore A570 CD-ROM Review for the Amiga 500

This week I am reviewing the much neglected Commodore Amiga A570 CD-ROM Drive for the Amiga 500. Like so many things, this was ahead of its time in many ways. Come join me while I explore its capabilities! Mentioned in the the show: Check out my friend Joe Jencks and his awesome music! Want to find some CDTV/A570 software? Check out my Patreon: Or my website: And visit me on Twitter: @10marc1

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Episode 60 - Bringing JPEG images into the Amiga -

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am importing JPEG images into my Amiga 1000 and converting them into HAM 6 images, and then creating a presentation with Amigavision. All of the photos were taken during the Quarantine right in my yard. Come join me and learn more about getting JPG files into your Amiga! Mentioned in this show: AmigaBill Youtube: Twitter: @thegurumeditate Twith: Pixel Vixen YouTube: Twitter: @lapixelvixen Her video on HAM images: Our Collaboration on Personal Paint 7.3: Buy Personal Paint here: Dropbox link with the JPG and HAM Images from the show: My contact info: Twitter @10marc1 Web: email:

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Episode 59 - Using PDF files on the Amiga

This week on 10MARC I am covering several clever ways to open up PDF files on your Amiga. Be aware that in order to really do this you will need an AGA Amiga or Vampirized A500/600, or a Big Box Amiga with an RTG card. There just is not a really good ECS PDF reader... Program information: Download Ghostscript here: Download EasyGS from Amigakit: Get GSGui .38 right here... Download RNOPDF for your RTG System: Want to try APDF for your ECS machine? Don't say I did not warn you... and don't forget that there are three files you need to download to use APDF. Take a peek at the instruction on the above link. Follow me on Twitter: @10marc1 Check out my Patreon: Check me out on the web;

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Episode 58 - 8 Bit and Amiga games for your Commodore Quarantine

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am covering some new games, most released this year or last year that will be fun to play on our Commodore 8 bit and Amiga machines during this quarantine. I am covering releases from the VIC-20, Commoodre 64, Commodore Plus/4 and the Amiga. Here are links to the games I cover in this video: VIC-20: Rodman: Digital copy - Free as of March 2020, but donate anyway! Or order the physical cartridge (also on the Penultimate cartridge) VIC Nibbler: Free for download Or order the physical cartridge Fire! for the VIC-20 is available free from Double Sided Games, but I was unable to capture footage from it Converted Activision games from Antonio Savona and crew: Millie and Mollie )Name your price, but pay him well!) The Retro Hour interviews Carleton Handley le Abbey De Mort - Currently free for the digital download! Check out my review: Ms Rodman is available from Run Demon Run - Name your price, but make it fair! Neutron (and Santron!) Name your price, but treat Sarah Jane Avory well! Vegetables Deluxe from Mike Richmond - currenty free! Check out my review: Shadow over Hawksmill from Psytronik Software Digital version: Physical Pre-order: Curse of Rabenstein - avaialble for tons of platforms: Rygar - totally free for your AGA machine: Tiny Little Slug for Amiga: Amiga Bill interviews the creator of "Tiny Little Slug" Inviyya demo for Amiga: Reshoot-R Amiga Trap Runner Amiga: Black Dawn Rebirth Check out my review: Rotator Amiga: Follow me on Twitter @10marc1 Check out my Patreon

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Episode 57 - Telecommuting on the Amiga

This week we are all staying home to keep safe from the nasty virus, so we need to telecommute to work, and what better way to do that than on our Amiga! Surely it can handle everything! Lets get on the Internet, set up IMAP email on the Amiga, and while we are at it, lets connect Dropbox to the Amiga! Pick up a PCMCIA network card from:
Pick up a Gurunet card from:
Download Simplemail from: 
Get iBrowse from: 
Get your MCC Mui files for Simplenet here:
Get Dropbox/Google Drive for Amiga here:
Follow me on Twitter:
Join my Patreon!

Episode 56 - Classic 520 Accelerator Case and Mini Zorro Unboxing

This week I am doing an unboxing of Jojo073's new Mini Zorro game and reviewing the new 3D printed case for the Classic 520 Accelerator from - Join me! Order Mini Zorro from: Get your cool Classic 520 case from: Check out the specs on the Classic 520 Accelerator Here is my contact info:
Twitter: @10marc1

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Episode 55 - Mini Zorro Amiga Game Review

This week I have a fun preview of a new game from Jojo073 and Iron Gate Studios. Mini Zorro! This great little Platform / Puzzle game is beautiful and has a fantastic sound track by Ricardo Vieira. Come join me as I take a look at the new game. Mini Zorro Main Page: Follow Jojo073 on Twitter: @joj073jose Check out his YouTube channel: Listen to Pixel Gaiden Podcast here: Check out Todd's Nerd Cave here: Here is my info: Twitter @10marc1

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Episode 54 - Amiga iBrowse 2.5.2 Review

Welcome to another 10MARC Review. This week I take a look at the new iBrowse web browser for the Classic Amiga. It also works on PPC Amiga, but I won't be talking about that here. I will be talking a bit about AmiSSL and your TCP/IP stack too, but if you want more details about that, I will link to a video about that below. Demo or Purchase iBrowse here: Get Roadshow TCP/IP Here: 10MARC Amiga on The Internet, Episode 9 Website shown in the video: Check out my Patreon:

Saturday, February 22, 2020

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Hired Sword II for the C64 Preview - The Chickenhead Chronicles

Welcome back to The ChickenHead Chronicles - This week I am previewing the upcoming (04/03/2020) game Hired Sword II for the Commodore 64. This is a great RPG in the style of Ultima games on the C64, and falls squarely into the "Rated M for Mature" category with it's Racy images and story. Publisher: @Dsidedgames Coder: Roy Riggs @furroy Music: Mike Richmond @RichmondMike - Supplies hardware such as the Breakout Box for your C64 or C128 My contact info: @10marc1 Here is a bit more information about combat, Direct from Roy: Combat Quick Notes At the start of each combat, the battle screen is shown. On the left side is the player, the hearts & skulls show how much life/ouch you have, there is an icon showing you the player, and then your four currently active abilities. On the right side is the same for the monster. Every ability is either an attack, marked with a sword, or a defense, marked with a shield. At the start of each combat you are given three options, Fight, Init, or Flee. Fight begins the combat, Init doesn’t do anything, but selecting it shows both sides’ initiative stats so you can better decide what you want to do. Flee lets you run away from a powerful monster, to have a chance to drink a potion, etc. You can also move your cursor up to highlight all of your abilities and the monster’s as well, again to see what you’re up against. Once combat starts, both sides roll for Initiative, if you lose nothing happens, but if you win you get to see what ability the monster will use each round for this turn. Their next ability will be marked with (Angle Bracket) before it. Rolling the dice! To determine the outcome of each dice roll, it works like the boardgame Risk, where the highest dice from each side are paired against each other. The dice are all compared, from highest to lowest, and any side that has extra dice not matched by the opponent are counted as wins as well. The side with the greater number of wins is the winner of the roll. After the Initiative roll for the turn, there are four rounds of combat. You pick your ability and the attacker’s dice are compared to the defender’s dice. For every die roll that beats the defenders, the defender will gain an ouch/lose a life. What happens when both players attack or both defend you might wonder? This is where your ability’s speed comes into play. All abilities have both a speed and a power, generally faster abilities have lesser power and vice versa. In the event of both players picking an attack, one side will randomly intercept the other based on comparative speeds, so the faster side is more likely to win the intercept. The loser has their attack dice turned into defense dice and the round continues as normal. If both players pick Defense, again speeds are compared and a random winner is chosen to riposte, and the winner has their dice turned into attack dice. Smart players will use the riposte/intercept mechanics to their advantage, if a monster has a very powerful attack and you don’t trust your defense to withstand it, you might want to plan to use one of your own very fast but light damage attacks to thwart their strongest attacks. Combat continues if neither side is not dead or flees. After each round the last ability is marked as used with an * asterix. After four rounds a new turn of combat begins. You roll for Initiative again, or have a chance to Flee if things are not going well, and are free to pick from all four of your abilities again. Of course, you can always just spam the fire button until your foes are vanquished and ignore all of the above!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

GEOS Adventures Episode 1 :An Introduction to GEOS on the Commodore 64

Welcome! I am starting a new series this week - GEOS Adventures.
I have been planning it for a long time and it was just going to be part of the ChickenHead Chronicles, but I decided GEOS is worth even more attention. Enter, The GEOS Adventures series.

In this first episode I am covering how to legally acquire GEOS and set it up for use on real hardware, including running it on an SD2IEC. I am working with real C64 hardware. Future episodes will cover GEOS Programs, printing, getting online with GEOS, GEOS for the C128 and much more.
Come join me!
Mentioned in this video:
Download GEOS from here
LyonLabs is a great resource for GEOS!

Buy your AV Header and maybe an REU from here: 

Buy your SD2IEC and pick up a few games from The Future was 8 bit.

Micromys V mouse adapter can be purchased from Amigakit

Here are some 10MARC related links: Twitter @10marc1

Episode 53: The Truth about Amiga in America

We have a special guest again this week! Join myself and Eric (Intriq8) from Amigalove as we discuss the real truth behind the Amiga in America. Here's a clue - it was not a European only machine and was very popular here for years.
Mentioned in this video: Amigalove - Americas best Amiga and Commodore forum
Twitter: @Amigal0ve
Retro Man Cave: 
Twitter: @TheRetroManCave Neils
Video on Amiga in America: 
Amiga Bill:
Twitter: @thegurumeditate
 The Amigos (Boat and Aaron)
Twitter: @Amigosretro & @thedevilbunny

My review of Viva Amiga:

Monday, January 13, 2020

Episode 52 - Amiga AGA Graphics vs. PC VGA Graphics

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am going to be comparing the lovely AGA Graphics of the Amiga and comparing them to the original PC VGA and SVGA graphics. Guess who wins? Special thanks to John "Boatofcar" Shawler for giving me the motivation to do this video, and make sure you check the Amigos out here:
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 I am also highlighting a few really nice Amiga AGA games on this video, including the 2019 release for Reshooter-R. You can purchase it here:

Monday, January 6, 2020

Episode 51 - Amiga 2000 Adventures Part II: Featuring the Video Toaster

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am revisiting my fairly new Amiga 2000. I cover some history and capabilities of this fine machine, and spend some time with my Retargetable graphics Card, the Picasso II. I also spend some time with the Video Toaster 2000 as we play with a few cameras and some fun transition effects. Come join me! Mentioned in this video: SCSI2SD from Intertial Computers Zorro II Cards still available from: Open Video Toaster Software: Follow me on Twitter @10marc1 Support me on Patreon: