Tuesday, July 28, 2020

10MARC Episode 73 - Commodores best Amiga is the A3000. Change my mind.

This week on 10MARC I am presenting another Amiga Adventures video - This one on the beautiful Amiga 3000 computer. In my humble opionion, this is the finest machine ever produced by Commodore. It was designed to fix all the shortcomings of the Amiga 2000 computer and combine it with the beauty and style of the original Amiga 1000 machine. And I would say it succeeded! Join me as we go over the features of the Amiga 3000 and learn more about its history. Need a SCSI2SD for your Amiga? www.inertialcomputing.com You should sub to my friends at Pintz and Amiga youtube.com/pintzandamigagamenight And even though he hates AGA, Boat is a great guy. Check out the Amigos here: www.everythingamiga.com Chris Edwards has an awesome Amiga channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ChrisEdwardsRestoration Help a brother out on Patreon? www.patreon.com/10marc Don't forget the Amiga Art Contest is taking submissions! www.amigaartwork.com Visit little old me on the web www.10marc.com and follow me on Twitter! @10marc.com

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