Thursday, June 11, 2020

Episode 68 - AGA Blaster Video Player Review and Tutorial

This week I am reviewing and providing a tutorial on setup of the awesome AGABlaster software for the Amiga. This software can create a 256 color AGA CDXL file that plays back wonderfully on your AGA Amiga. I walk you thru a bit of background on the technology, how to set it up in Windows 10 using the Ubuntu Linux Terminal, and how to create and play back the incredible videos! Markus Schordan created this fantastic software. You can find him on Twitter @agablaster Download all the creation software and learn how to use it here: If you just want to play back some existing files, go here: If you want to learn how to create the HAM6 and HAM8 videos I have created, check this out. Learn a bit more about setting up the Ubuntu Terminal in Windows 10 here: Follow me on Twitter @10marc1 Become an awesome Patron!

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  1. Hello, WSL1 normally only supports pure command line applications. WSL2 available in Windows 10 may 2020 update adds support for gui apps. It is still possible to run ham_convert in cli mode under WSL1 by installing Xvfb (a small fake X11): If you get a “Server is already running” error message, just press enter. Version 1.6.2 beta was confirmed working under WSL1 with Xvfb. I've also reduced memory usage in the latest beta version: