Thursday, December 26, 2019

Episode 49 - The RetroTink 2X Upscaler Review

This week I am reviewing the really clever RetroTink 2X Upscaler. This device is intended for use with consoles that output 240P and upscale and filter it to 480P, so I thought it would work well on my RGB to Component converter I reviewed in Episode 48. And I was right! It works like a champ to allow display on almost any HDMI TV, and also works so well with my Commodore 8 bit computers. Buy your own Retrotink here: Pick up you RGB to Component converter here: Want those awesome games like Ms. Rodman, Vic Nibbler and others? Also the fantastic Penultimate cartridge! Like Pixel Vixens artwork? Twitter @lapixelvixen David Wright created the really cool Christmas Intro Graphic this week

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