Saturday, October 30, 2021

The AmiWest 2021 Report - Episode 111

https://wwwThis week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am looking back on my trip to Sacremento to Amiwest 2021, and sharing some of the fun things found there. Join me! What is AmiWest you ask? Take a peek! How about all those AmiWest Livestreams? Day 1: Day 2: My presentation: Here are my AmiWest videos from the past: 2019: 2019 Presentation: 2020 Livestream: Me speaking at CRX 2021: Hanging out With Amiga Bill and talking some serious Amiga Art:
Here is the website for Retronics Designs - Pick up an RGB to Component or USB to Atari adapter!
Francis did a presentation for Amiwest this year, too! Chapters: 0:00 0:17 Start of Monologue 5:41 The V-Lab Motion Card 6:49 Retronic Designs 9:00 The AmiWest show floor 27:10 Goodie I got at the show 32:42 Patreon Thank Yoy 33:35 Outro Links to the Socials: Want more info on Amiga Art Contest 2021? Find it here! Interested in supporting the show? Become a Patron! Follow me on the Socials! Also follow me on my new instagram account:

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