Sunday, September 4, 2022

Elbox FastATA MK-V Hard Drive Controller for the Amiga 1200 Review - working with AmigaOS 3.21

 I am happy to be back! Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. This week I am reviewing the Elbox FastATA MK-V hard drive accelerator for the #amiga1200   - This fine device unleashes the hidden power of your IDE controller! Or some such nonsense... Join me as I cover installation, work through the bugs in the software, and ultimately get it to work on a modern #AmigaOS 3.2.1 Installation!

Want to order one for yourself? Several vendors stock it, but I got mine from:

How about that cool ROM Tower from Amigakit?

Want a cool Checkmate 1500 Case for your #amiga ?

Big thanks to whoever created this list of Amiga Hints and Tips! You got my FastATA working on my Amiga!

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