Saturday, November 4, 2023

Freeway Triton Lite for ZORRO2 and ZORRO 3 Amigas Review

 This week on  @10MARC  I am reviewing the awesome Freeway Triton Lite USB card for your big box #amiga  computer. This should work on most ZORRO enabled machines with at least a 25 Mhz 68030 CPU and at least 8 MB of RAM. Matthias Hampel did a great job on these!

Want more info on the Freeway  USB for the Commodore Amiga?

Want to buy one of these beauties? There are a few choices:

Thorsten Freund is making them, but prefers toss around his contact info. Get in touch with me and I will hook you up with Thorsten.

There is a thread on A1K where they can be requested too:

Want to build your own, or pay someone to build it? here is the interactive BOM:

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