Episode Two - The Video Special

I wanted to provide some instruction on downloading and installing the video playback software for these videos, so here ya go! If you have any questions about setting any of this up, don't hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment here. I realized after recording that I did not mention that you need mpega.library for audio playback - I am sure most of you already have it, but if not there is a link on my software page. Get the orignal version from '99. Newer copies have more features, but are slower because they are not written is assembler.

All the screen recording were done on my UAE instance. I have it configured as a 68040 with 8 MB CHIP Ram and a gazillion MB of FAST Ram. I did the recording with the Windows 10 Game Capture utility.

You Tube Link for Episode Two

MPEG1 Link - I am trying this on 160x128. It looks pretty good, and play back better on IDE interfaces. If anyone want higher resolution videos, just let me know.

I was convinced I could do better on the file sizes for these HAM6 and HAM8 videos, so I did some research on FFMPEG which I use in the conversion, and changed some things up. I also changed the screen size from 320x216 to 288x160, that saved a TON of space! In a nutshell, I got the 550MB-700MB files down to around 280MB for both ECS and AGA files. Not to shabby, and they still look good. With LHA compression they are now very manageable 130MB+ downloads.

HAM6 Link - It's a big-un!

HAM8 Link - Use this if you have a nice fast hard drive controller.

MP3 Audio only version. Maybe a few areas sound funny, as I am pausing a bit where videos are playing back. I did the video and audio separate this time, as I was not appearing live in the video.

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