Episode 7 - All About the A2200 Motherboard

My lovely A2200 motherboard has been waiting for me to work on it for over 14 years now... But now is the time to breathe life into it and get it going! I picked it up with a batch of A4000 boards on eBay almost 15 years ago and I have had it working in the past...Then I drifted away from my Amiga hobby and it began collecting dust in a box.

Now with the 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast bringing back to the Amiga world, I am ready to work on this beauty again! This episode covers some of the storied history of the A2200 and goes over the hardware on this fine board.

Take a peek at the video on YouTube right here.

You can also Download an MPEG1 version of the video for playback on your Amiga

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