Sunday, September 2, 2018

Episode 3 - Taking Stock

Thanks for checking out Episode 3. This week I am showing off my Amiga collection. I currently have eight Amiga's, but only six are in working condition and two are used on a weekly basis.

I have plans for my extra towerized A4000 - I want to set it up with the Video Toaster 4000 and the Time Base Correctors I have. But...Then I have no clue what I will do with it.

My A3000 Tower will eventually get a nice BIGRAM 256 MB Zorro3 board installed, and I will upgrade it to OS 3.9, install the One Stop Music Shop card and my Thylacine USB card. That should make a nice little setup. If I can get another A3640 card functional, I will install it in there too.

The A2000 will be a fun one since it has so many ZORRO slots. It will get the Bridgeboard and the toaster 2000 installed. I know there is an option to use an ISA Networking card in conjunction with Bridgeboard to get this Amiga online, so I will play with that.

The A500 will probably get Vampired - unless we hear something soon about the V4 that works in an A1200! I honestly don't need the A500 for anything as there are only so many hours in the day.

The big project will be the A2200 board - I need to get it booting again. I remember last time I had it functioning it did not seem to recognize the IDE ports on the board. I am concerned that the ROMS are incorrect. Maybe they are A3000 ROM's with no IDE support.

Thanks again for following my site and my channel! I appreciate it!

YouTube Link for Episode 3

Episode 3 MPEG1 for playback with RiVA on your Amiga

HAM6 version of Episode 3

HAM8 version of Episode 3


  1. Hi Douglas,

    I watch your videos over on youtube for some time now and yesterday I stumbled across Episode 2 of your retro cast. That episode made me thinking: Could my Amiga 500 do this?

    So today i tried if it would be possible to browse, download the linked ham6 players, download a ham6 Episode and watch it on the machine.

    Well, right now i does not look to bad. I managed to surf to, get the players and i could even start the download of Episode 3 from dropbox! Right dropbox ! Lets see if it will succeed in downloading the file. Im sittin at 4062534/273393191 (bytes i assume).

    My setup:
    Amiga 500 with HC508 accelerator
    4GB CF Drive
    Plipbox Network interface

    Workbench with BestWB 1.2
    AmiTCP 4
    AWeb APL Lite 3.5.09 with AmiSSL

    I hope i will succed. Keeping you informed!

    Sincere Greetings

  2. Hi,

    I've got it done. The download took ages and sadly timed out at around 34 MByte. I've reached around 10kBit/s, which is kind of low, concerning the 30kBit I reach with an ftp download. Maybe I should check the Roadshow TCP stack...
    After the aborted Download I downloaded the lha on my PC and put it inty a fat32 formated CF. On the amiga I accessed the CF via Fat95. Unpacking the 273 MB lha took around 1 1/2 hours on the 50MHz A500 ��
    The playback however ist smooth and hassle free. However I would prefer a player with a GUI or some control keys. Is there such a thing?
    I would like to thank you for the nice adventure I could enjoy because of your excellent work. Thank you ��

    Sincere gretings