Sunday, June 4, 2023

PiStorm32 Lite for Amiga 1200 - Installation guide and review - Episode 151

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This week on 10  Minute Amiga Retro Cast  @10MARC  I am reviewing and providing an installation tutorial for the awesome PiStorm32 Lite for the Amiga 1200. Will this card live up to the hype, or will I pan it like I did in my original PiStorm review a few years back? I guess you will have to watch and see!

Want a PiStorm32 Lite for yourself? Amigakit has them!

Want a nice guide for setting these little guys up? Look here!

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How about downloading the PiStorm EMU68 software?

Here is a nice source for the RTG Info. This has links to all the required downloads

How to get a Raspberry Pi for your PiStorm?

I dunno. Pray to some heathen god, sell a kidney, find a magic lamp with a genie in it. You figure it out.

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