Sunday, September 1, 2019

Episode 37: My One Year Anniversary

Lets just pretend it has not been since November of 2018 since I have updated my website, OK? I last left off on Episode 11, and have since done 26 more 10 Minute Amiga retro Casts and 14 more ChickenHead Chronicles. Time for me to play catch up!

August marks my one year Anniversary of creating 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast, and it has been a very exciting year! I have made dozens and dozens of videos, made dozens of new friends, and passed 1200 subscribers and 42,000 views on my videos. Sure I am no 8 bit guy, but we all start somewhere!

Celebrate with me on my latest video - I go over history of the channel and why I created it and look into the future directions the channel will go. I also announce a fun new Art Contest sponsored by myself, Pixel Vixen and Amiga on the Lake. I will have a page dedicated to the contest.

Since I increased the quality and lengths of my videos I no longer convert them to MPEG1 and HAM6 files - they just got too big. But if anyone wants them in that format i am happy to do the conversion.

Here is the Link to Episode 37