Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Amiga 600 RGB2HDMI Review - Episode 117

This week on 10MARC, I am covering the really awesome new RGB2HDMI interface for the Amiga 600 created by Joachim Firnhaber. This great little interface lets your Amiga 600 join in on the Raspberry Pi Zero fun and get a rock solid, non interlaced HDMI display!

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How about checking out my pal Jan Beta's review?

Don't forget Hoglet67's awesome software that you need!

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0:00 - The Opening Credits

0:16 - Monologue

5:00 - The A600 RGB2HDMI

9:25 - How does she look

12:12 - Fixing Overscan modes

14:16 - Games!


16:22 - The Finicky Furia

22:25 - My Opinions...

25:59 - 10MARC Wins Retro Rewinds Contest

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