Sunday, September 16, 2018

Episode 5 - the 15 Khz Conundrum

Most of us Amigan's have had to deal with this issue - How to display our Amiga's video signal on a display available today?

There are a lot of great solutions including Flicker-Fixers for our A1200, Home-Made converters, SCART to HDMI thingies (I am from the USA... What on Earth is a Scart? Some kind of British biscuit?)

Well, the good news is that there are still a few monitors available today that support the 15 Khz videos of our beloved retro machines! And I have one and demo it for you. And, as an added bonus, the link I have up on my video is wrong... I watched and re-watched the video so many times, and did not catch that I missed a letter until AFTER it was up on Youtube... Oh well...

Here is the real link for the 15 Khz Monitors

Episode 5 - The 15 Khz Conundrum (YouTube)

Episode 5 - The 15 Khz Conundrum (MPEG1)

Episode 5 - The 15 Khz Conundrum (HAM6 - Caution, large file)

Episode 5 - The 15 Khz Conundrum (HAM8)

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