Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Episode 53: The Truth about Amiga in America

We have a special guest again this week! Join myself and Eric (Intriq8) from Amigalove as we discuss the real truth behind the Amiga in America. Here's a clue - it was not a European only machine and was very popular here for years.
Mentioned in this video: Amigalove - Americas best Amiga and Commodore forum www.amigalove.com
Twitter: @Amigal0ve
YouTube: www.youtube.com/amigalove
Retro Man Cave: www.youtube.com/retromancave 
Twitter: @TheRetroManCave Neils
Video on Amiga in America: https://youtu.be/8l2_tgwl8GU 
Amiga Bill: www.youtube.com/thegurumeditation
Twitter: @thegurumeditate
 The Amigos (Boat and Aaron) www.youtube.com/amigosretrogaming
Twitter: @Amigosretro & @thedevilbunny

My review of Viva Amiga: https://youtu.be/bL_tfMIJ8hw

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