Sunday, March 29, 2020

Episode 58 - 8 Bit and Amiga games for your Commodore Quarantine

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am covering some new games, most released this year or last year that will be fun to play on our Commodore 8 bit and Amiga machines during this quarantine. I am covering releases from the VIC-20, Commoodre 64, Commodore Plus/4 and the Amiga. Here are links to the games I cover in this video: VIC-20: Rodman: Digital copy - Free as of March 2020, but donate anyway! Or order the physical cartridge (also on the Penultimate cartridge) VIC Nibbler: Free for download Or order the physical cartridge Fire! for the VIC-20 is available free from Double Sided Games, but I was unable to capture footage from it Converted Activision games from Antonio Savona and crew: Millie and Mollie )Name your price, but pay him well!) The Retro Hour interviews Carleton Handley le Abbey De Mort - Currently free for the digital download! Check out my review: Ms Rodman is available from Run Demon Run - Name your price, but make it fair! Neutron (and Santron!) Name your price, but treat Sarah Jane Avory well! Vegetables Deluxe from Mike Richmond - currenty free! Check out my review: Shadow over Hawksmill from Psytronik Software Digital version: Physical Pre-order: Curse of Rabenstein - avaialble for tons of platforms: Rygar - totally free for your AGA machine: Tiny Little Slug for Amiga: Amiga Bill interviews the creator of "Tiny Little Slug" Inviyya demo for Amiga: Reshoot-R Amiga Trap Runner Amiga: Black Dawn Rebirth Check out my review: Rotator Amiga: Follow me on Twitter @10marc1 Check out my Patreon

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