Sunday, August 8, 2021

10MARC EP104The Parceiro Card for the Amiga 1000 Review - Episode 104

 This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am reviewing the clever new Parceiro card for the Amiga 1000, and probably manage to mispronounce it at least three times.

Join me as we explore the features of this great product and learn a bit more about its limitations, and its future potential! What a great time to own an A1000 Want to order your own Parceiro card for your A1000? Contact David Dunklee via this email address: Amiga.Parceiro (at) outlook (dot) com Be sure to tell him that "Amigalove" sent you for your discount price. And then tell him "10MARC is awesome and has the best Amiga Videos on YouTube" - that won't get you anything, but it will make me feel good... Also contact him at that email address to get your 1.0 card updated to 1.1 for a very reasonable price. Be sure to take a look at AmigaLove's written and video review right here: Want more info on Amiga Art Contest 2021? Find it here! Interested in supporting the show? Become a Patron! Follow me on the Socials! Also follow me on my new instagram account:

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