Saturday, November 20, 2021

Amiga Art Contest 2021 The (un)Livestream

Thank you all for your patience with the #AmigaArtContest Livestream failure yesterday - a piece of technology failed miserably causing disconnects from the Internet every 30 seconds or so. I won't name names...  but take my advice and buy good quality cables!

The Amiga Art Contest 2021 lives on, though! Vicky and I reconnected later in the day and recorded the entire event anyway and now I can reveal it to you! Please join us as we share all of this beautiful artwork with you, chat about the Amiga in the art scene and dazzle you with witty repartee! (Two out of three ain't bad...)

Huge thanks to our sponsors for the prizes this year! You guys are all awesone!

Thanks to AmigaKit for the donation of the 8MB RAM & Flash ROM card with an optional FPU for the A1200 for the "Best of show" category.

Huge thanks to A-Eon for supplying our second place prizes of either a digital copy of ImageFX or Personal Paint for Classic or NG Amigas! This is also part of the "Best of Show" prize.

Giant Thank You to Frank from Retro Rewind in Canada for the lovely gift of $50 gift certificates to all of our First Place prize winners!

Thanks to Vicky (Pixel Vixen) for her contribution to the show as Co-Host again this year. I appreciate it! Check her out on YouTube, and also check out her amazing new Manga project - Future Saviors.

Check out all of the artwork, animations and MOD files on the Official #AmigaArtContest website!

Contributor Contact Information

Brent Santin - Prom Night on Callisto & Merry Jelly Bean Tramp

Paulee Alex Bow - Wicked Game Remix

Sophie Rose - Into the Night Mod & Xmas Amiga

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0:00 Index

0:16 Intro and Monologue

7:30 Equipment used for Presentation

9:04 Animation Category

44:08 Animation Winner Reveal

45:52 3D Category

1:02:03 3D Winner Reveal

1:05:00 Music Category

1:39:20 Music Winner Reveal

1:41:24 Photo Category

2:00:16 Photo Winner Reveal

2:04:00 Hand Drawn Category

2:48:50 Hand Drawn Winner Reveal

2:53:00 Best Of Show Reveal

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