Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Fully Networked Amiga: SMB 2&3, Email, Web Browsing, Social Media and Music Streaming! Episode 144

This week on 10 Minute Amiga retro Cast I am getting my #Amiga 4000 all hooked up to the Interwebs with my Indivision X-surf 100 networking card. Here are the topics I touch on. I will be doing expanded videos on many of them in the near future.

* Roadshow TCP/IP Stack

* New SMB 2/3 handler for networking with PC's and NAS devices

* iBrowse Web Browser

* SimpleMail IMAP/POP3 mail client

* TwittAmiga Twitter client

* AmiTube Offline YouTube Viewer

* IMP3 MOD/SID streaming client

A busy episode as you can see!

Get Roadshow here:

Pick up the X-Surf 100 here:

iBrowse and AmiSSL can be picked up here:

The latest Amiga Simplemail is right here:

Get your TwittAmiga fix here:

Get IMP3 streamer right here on Aminet:

Learn more (and download) AmiTube here

SMB for Amiga is easy to set up. All links are here for the latest versions and instructions!

My friend Q has done some iBrowse, networking and SMB videos recently! Check him out at Hold and Modify

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