Episode One - 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast

In this episode, I introduce myself and I go over some of the details of the series and how it will be presented. Also, a new game trailer is revealed! ;)

YouTube Link -
YouTube video for Episode 1

192x144 MPEG1 Video for playback with RiVA Player on Amiga. The MPEG1 versions of the show are hosted on Aminet for easy download to your Amiga.
MPEG1 of Episode 1

Special .hv version of the video cast. This requires using the hamnew.run program to be installed on your amiga. You can download the player on my Software page along with installation instructions. I am hosting these on my Google Drive shared folder, as they are a bit big for Aminet. Connections to Google Drive shares does not seem to work from iBrowse on the Amiga, but Netsurf should work, and you can also download it to a Mac/PC and transfer it over to your Amiga.

,hv version of Episode 1

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