Saturday, April 25, 2020

Episode 62 - ImageFX for the Amiga Review and Tutorial

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am reviewing the "New" release of ImageFX 4.5 - It is not really new, but it is finally available again! Come join me as I cover installation and go through some of the issues I found with the software. Bust rest assured this is worth every penny! Warm up your Amiga Computer and let's get to work editing photos on your Amiga. This software works great on any Amiga, but really flies on an A1200 or A4000 AGA Machine. It also handles RTG (Retargetable Graphics) quite well. It handles digitizers like the Newtek Digiview, Macrosystems V-Lab and even the Newtek Video Toaster quite well. Where do you buy this? I Wanna order a poster from Pixel Vixen! Or watch her videos here... My review video of the V-Lab capture card:

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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Episode 61 - Commodore A570 CD-ROM Review for the Amiga 500

This week I am reviewing the much neglected Commodore Amiga A570 CD-ROM Drive for the Amiga 500. Like so many things, this was ahead of its time in many ways. Come join me while I explore its capabilities! Mentioned in the the show: Check out my friend Joe Jencks and his awesome music! Want to find some CDTV/A570 software? Check out my Patreon: Or my website: And visit me on Twitter: @10marc1

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Episode 60 - Bringing JPEG images into the Amiga -

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am importing JPEG images into my Amiga 1000 and converting them into HAM 6 images, and then creating a presentation with Amigavision. All of the photos were taken during the Quarantine right in my yard. Come join me and learn more about getting JPG files into your Amiga! Mentioned in this show: AmigaBill Youtube: Twitter: @thegurumeditate Twith: Pixel Vixen YouTube: Twitter: @lapixelvixen Her video on HAM images: Our Collaboration on Personal Paint 7.3: Buy Personal Paint here: Dropbox link with the JPG and HAM Images from the show: My contact info: Twitter @10marc1 Web: email:

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Episode 59 - Using PDF files on the Amiga

This week on 10MARC I am covering several clever ways to open up PDF files on your Amiga. Be aware that in order to really do this you will need an AGA Amiga or Vampirized A500/600, or a Big Box Amiga with an RTG card. There just is not a really good ECS PDF reader... Program information: Download Ghostscript here: Download EasyGS from Amigakit: Get GSGui .38 right here... Download RNOPDF for your RTG System: Want to try APDF for your ECS machine? Don't say I did not warn you... and don't forget that there are three files you need to download to use APDF. Take a peek at the instruction on the above link. Follow me on Twitter: @10marc1 Check out my Patreon: Check me out on the web;

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Episode 58 - 8 Bit and Amiga games for your Commodore Quarantine

This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast I am covering some new games, most released this year or last year that will be fun to play on our Commodore 8 bit and Amiga machines during this quarantine. I am covering releases from the VIC-20, Commoodre 64, Commodore Plus/4 and the Amiga. Here are links to the games I cover in this video: VIC-20: Rodman: Digital copy - Free as of March 2020, but donate anyway! Or order the physical cartridge (also on the Penultimate cartridge) VIC Nibbler: Free for download Or order the physical cartridge Fire! for the VIC-20 is available free from Double Sided Games, but I was unable to capture footage from it Converted Activision games from Antonio Savona and crew: Millie and Mollie )Name your price, but pay him well!) The Retro Hour interviews Carleton Handley le Abbey De Mort - Currently free for the digital download! Check out my review: Ms Rodman is available from Run Demon Run - Name your price, but make it fair! Neutron (and Santron!) Name your price, but treat Sarah Jane Avory well! Vegetables Deluxe from Mike Richmond - currenty free! Check out my review: Shadow over Hawksmill from Psytronik Software Digital version: Physical Pre-order: Curse of Rabenstein - avaialble for tons of platforms: Rygar - totally free for your AGA machine: Tiny Little Slug for Amiga: Amiga Bill interviews the creator of "Tiny Little Slug" Inviyya demo for Amiga: Reshoot-R Amiga Trap Runner Amiga: Black Dawn Rebirth Check out my review: Rotator Amiga: Follow me on Twitter @10marc1 Check out my Patreon

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Episode 57 - Telecommuting on the Amiga

This week we are all staying home to keep safe from the nasty virus, so we need to telecommute to work, and what better way to do that than on our Amiga! Surely it can handle everything! Lets get on the Internet, set up IMAP email on the Amiga, and while we are at it, lets connect Dropbox to the Amiga! Pick up a PCMCIA network card from:
Pick up a Gurunet card from:
Download Simplemail from: 
Get iBrowse from: 
Get your MCC Mui files for Simplenet here:
Get Dropbox/Google Drive for Amiga here:
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Episode 56 - Classic 520 Accelerator Case and Mini Zorro Unboxing

This week I am doing an unboxing of Jojo073's new Mini Zorro game and reviewing the new 3D printed case for the Classic 520 Accelerator from - Join me! Order Mini Zorro from: Get your cool Classic 520 case from: Check out the specs on the Classic 520 Accelerator Here is my contact info:
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